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Natural Dream Aid
Dream Results :
Lucid Dreaming
Improved Memory

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Personal Growth
Sexual Pleasure
Creative Inspiration
Product FAQ
Famous Dreams

Vivid Dream Enhancement - Order Brilliant Dreams Today!
Lucid Dreams and Dream Interpretation - Order Brilliant Dreams!


...now I have vivid, clear dreams every single night! ..the fun of being in a parallel reality is mind blowing. Not just the "fun" aspect, I believe that some real personal growth is possible. 

- Raj from Illinois


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Dream Supplement for Lucid Dreaming - Dream Herb Supplement Facts

Dream Pill Supplement - Buy Brilliant Dreams Today!
Try 30 Days RISK FREE!

Brilliant Dreams is the #1 selling, scientifically backed dream aid. Based on natural extracts, Brilliant Dreams makes dreams clear and vivid, promotes lucid dreaming, and increases beneficial REM sleep & memory!

  •  Experience More Beneficial REM Sleep!
  •  Wake Feeling Refreshed & Energized
  •  Master Lucid Dreaming
  •  Improve Dream Recall & Memory
  •  Induce Intense Erotic Dreams
  •  Dramatically Boost Creativity and Inspiration
  •  Apply Dream Interpretation for Personal Growth

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In a typical lifetime we spend over six years dreaming. Don't waste that time!.. use it for creative inspiration, lucid dreaming, personal growth, sexual pleasure, success, improved memory and more! You will wake feeling refreshed and energized with a clear recollection of your dreams.

Want a Safe Way to Live Out ANY Fantasy?
Master Lucid Dreaming, Enjoy Vivid Dream Experiences!

Imagine that while dreaming you actually realize that you are dreaming and are able to take conscious control over what happens in your dream, all while remaining asleep. This is a phenomenon called LUCID DREAMING, an extremely vivid and wonderful dream state in which you can make your every wish come true!

Sex dream, erotic dreams, lucid sex dreamVivid dream experiences are many times associated with dreams about sex and sexuality. Erotic dreams play an important role in the history and myths surrounding dreaming, dream theory, and, to varying degrees, the dreams of most everyone. If you have sexually themed dreams, Brilliant Dreams can bring them to new, vivid levels and enable you to better recall the exciting (and stimulating) details.

Just having vivid dreams is extremely rewarding for the entertainment value alone... the ability more easily achieve lucid dreaming is a huge bonus! By enhancing the vividness and clarity of dreams, Brilliant Dreams™ eases your ability to achieve lucid dreaming, can encourage intense sexual dreams, and dramatically improves your dream experiences.

Learn More:  Lucid Dreaming | Sex / Erotic Dreams | Vivid Dream Experiences

Are You Getting Enough Beneficial REM Sleep?
  Dreams Improve Memory, Sleep and Cognitive Ability

Dreaming plays an important role in providing restful sleep. However, many people simply do not dream enough each night and wake most mornings feeling tired and unwell. Stress, diet, going to bed "dog-tired" and other factors reduce REM sleep and dreaming. By promoting REM sleep, Brilliant Dreams enhances your dream phase and allows you to wake feeling energized and refreshed.

Dreaming is also a time when learned experiences are consolidated and 'hard-wired' in the brian. Studies have linked dreaming to improved memory, learning and improved cognitive abilities. This is why infants dream twice as much as adults – they are in a state of hyper-learning!

When you drift off to sleep with Brilliant Dreams, you will begin dreaming sooner and you will dream more each night! Brilliant Dreams increases the dream phase (REM sleep) so you will not only enjoy more restful sleep, but increased dreaming for improved waking memory, focus and recall.

Ever Feel Unmotivated or Lack Inspiration?
Use Dreams for Inspiration, Creativity and Problem Solving!

Famous Dreams and Dreamers

The tune for Yesterday came to Paul McCartney in a dream

Did you know that the tune for Yesterday, one of the most famous songs of all time, came to Beatles' Paul McCartney in a dream!? Throughout history, artists, inventors, writers and scientists have made discoveries, solved problems and achieved phenomenal feats of creativity in their dreams.

When you sleep your mind does not turn off; quite the contrary, it becomes very active during dreaming. Through dreams, your mind continues to work out solutions to real world life and work problems and taps into your innate creativity and problem solving skills to do so.

The old adage "to sleep on it" when solving a personal or work problem is a perfect example. Your dreams are very powerful problem solving and inspirational tools. You are missing something very important with every dream you don't remember. You're own inspiration and answers to real world problems may be locked away in your dreams!

With Brilliant Dreams you can fully tap into your own innate creativity, inspiration and problem solving skills!

Learn More: Famous Dreams | Dream Inspiration & Creativity | Precognitive Dreams

Your Subconscious Speaks to You in Your Dreams...
   Are You Listening?
Apply Dream Interpretation for Personal Improvement!

Dream Interpretation, Meaning of Dreams, Interpret DreamsDream interpretation can help you better understand yourself and lead to personal improvement, growth and well being. Dreams are a window to our subconscious. Dreams help us to connect to our inner self and our real needs, connecting our unconscious with our conscious. Dreams talk to us, they tell us what we are happy with, what we are not happy with, where we are at in our life and where we could be. Take advantage of the life solutions that your dreams have to offer!

Dream interpretation starts with remembering your dreams. Brilliant Dreams can help you better remember your dreams, improving dream vividness and recall for dream interpretation!

Your subconscious has a lot to say, Brilliant Dreams helps you listen!

Learn More:  Dream Interpretation | Dream Dictionary | Dream Recall Tips

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Brilliant Dreams™ is specially formulated to dramatically enhance the clarity and vividness of your dreams, promote lucid dreaming and improve waking memory & dream recall. The ingredients in Brilliant Dreams have been used for thousands of years by healers and shaman, and have only recently been re-recognized for their dream enhancing benefits!

Brilliant Dreams features galantamine, an herbal extract from the Red Spider Lily plant, Lycoris radiata. As an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (AChEI), galantamine competitively blocks the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, an essential molecule that supports memory function. Galantamine also enhances nicotinic receptor activity, an effect long known to benefit memory and intellectual ability!

Natural Dream Aid - Scientific Facts

It is well known that REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement sleep) is an indication that someone is dreaming. This is a very specific state in the sleep cycle, having unique brain waves and 'active' areas of the mind. Professional studies have shown that galantamine has a positive effect on REM sleep and the dream cycle.

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In these studies it was discovered that this extract:

  • Enhances Dream Vividness - Individuals report they experience very interesting and vivid dreams!4

  • Improves Memory & Cognitive Ability - Clinically proven to improve memory and recall.

  • Shortens REM Sleep (dreaming) Latency - The time from sleep onset to the first occurrence of REM sleep.

  • Increases REM Density - The ratio of time spent dreaming to total amount of time spent asleep.

  • Reduces Slow Wave Sleep - Reduce very deep, non-dreaming sleep3 -Another positive indicator for
Experience more Beneficial REM Sleep...

Brilliant Dreams provides a DRAMATIC BOOST to your DREAM PHASE every night!

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Does it Work? Yes, For Over Three Thousand Years...
   So Beneficial, Even the Poet Homer Wrote About It!

Three Thousand Years Ago, in Homer's epic poem The Odyssey, the god Mercury gave Ulysses an herb that restored memory to his crew and made him immune to the forgetfulness poisons of the witch Circe. In Greek mythology, Mercury is known as the messenger of the gods and the Bringer of Dreams. By having the Bringer of Dreams give Ulysses this herb, Homer was conveying both its benefits to memory and the historically known dream enhancing benefits of this herb!

NOW, Brilliant Dreams is pleased to bring YOU this herbal extract in a specially formulated supplement to dramatically enhance dream experiences, promote lucid dreaming, and improve memory & sleep!

Promoting Vivid, Lucid Dreams - Naturally. We Guarantee It!

Learn More:  Dream Science | Dream Herb | Order Brilliant Dreams

We Guarantee It...
   Just Read Our Customer Feedback!

"I took Brilliant Dreams last night before I went to bed and I had my first lucid dream!! It was incredible. My dream was so clear that at first I didn't know I was dreaming... then all of a sudden I was in control! I've tried lucid dreaming before and even bought a book on it, but nothing worked until I found your product. I think I've become you're biggest supporter!"

Sarah from Georgia

"I'm sure you guys have received mucho letters praising "Brilliant Dreams" to the hilt, so I don't want to overwhelm you with yet another cool dream. Suffice it to say that I am having them. ...now I have vivid, clear dreams every single night! They're not all lucid - some are - but just the fun of being in a parallel reality is mind blowing. Not just the "fun" aspect, I believe that some real personal growth is possible."

Raj from Illinois

"It worked the very first night! I couldn't believe the difference in dream recall and volume. Normally I hardly ever remember a dream and if I do it is only one close to waking. I popped the pill prior to bedtime... Today I recall all three dreams vividly. I can’t wait to see what other doors this product opens for me. Thanks!"

Brad from Kentucky

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"I'm now more creative then ever. I paint as a hobby and now I am actually painting in my dreams. As soon as I wake up I write notes and make sketches, then paint the beautiful images I saw in my dreams. Brilliant Dreams is amazing, thanks!"

Michael from New York

more testimonials...


Dream Interpretation Starts with Dream Recall - Remember Dreams with Brilliant Dreams!

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Brilliant Dreams™ is a Dream Enhancing supplement. With Brilliant Dreams™, individuals are better able to remember their dreams, have more vivid dreams, have longer dream phases and are more likely to achieve lucid dreaming.. View our dream dicionary for dream interpretation.

The statements made on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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